SynBio talks at the Plant Biology 2022 Worldwide Summit | July 9-13, 2022

The first concurrent session of ASPB Plant Biology 2022 meeting on “Living Factories for Plant-Based Products” will be chaired by Catalin Voiniciuc and feature a diverse panel of speakers, contributing synbio insights from all career stages.

Invited Speakers:

  • Emma Walker (Western University)
  • Jaya Joshi (Concordia University)
  • Britney Moss (Whitman College)
  • Steven Burgess (University of Illinois)
  • Dae-Kyun Ro (University of Calgary)

Plants and microorganisms produce a wide range of products that are at the cornerstone of our lives, ranging from small molecules with therapeutic applications to polymers for food, feed, biomaterials, biofuels or carbon sequestration. Although some cells accumulate compounds that are of great industrial interest, their biosynthetic pathways have been historically challenging to elucidate and modify. Leveraging advances in synthetic biology, plant metabolism can now be tuned with unprecedented fidelity and speed.  Moreover, a variety of surrogate hosts such as yeast have become instrumental to reconstitute plant natural product and signaling pathways and to engineer new derivatives. These enabling technologies are providing answers to fundamental questions about biology and open new avenues for the bioengineering of plant-based molecules and materials.

We hope that you can join us virtually or in person in Portland, Oregon.