Four #SynBio Positions 4 You

The Designer Glycans group is delighted to have funding for several new positions. Apply by May 15, 2023 for full consideration.

Choose your own adventure:

  • Interested in tailoring plant cell walls after your PhD? Look no further.
  • Want to lead high-throughput experimentation and programming of liquid-handling platforms?
  • Are you a UF student with Phyton programming skills and want be the Robot Wrangler?
  • Are you a UF student with molecular biology skills and want to be our Microbe Maestro?

The latter three positions will be co-supervised with Dr. Andrew Hanson ( to set up a Biofoundry at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS). UF/IFAS is dedicated to advance fundamental knowledge and develop sustainable solutions in agriculture, human and natural resources.